Todd McFarlane Spawn

Todd McFarlane has been working to deliver a reboot of the live-action ‘Spawn‘ film for years and now we’re only months away from production to begin. When the film wraps, it isn’t quite clear as to how it’ll be distributed at this time, but the creator of this iconic character has shared that he would be open for a Netflix release. The final decision will likely come down to a deal that Blumhouse helps work out, and the studio does love having a widescreen release so it isn’t clear what direction this could take. It is interesting, however, that the creator is so open to how it would be released.

McFarlane was recently asked if he would be open for the film to have a Netflix or Hulu release and shared:

“Yes to all of the above. I think the world’s changing in front of our very eyes in how we’re going to consume not only entertainment but even movies. There might be a day when you hit a button and Star Wars is on your computer, and you won’t have to go to the theatre.”

This is likely true, however for those of us who enjoy a night out and seeing a film in a larger than life format. For the movie’s release, though, it isn’t an impressive opening night that McFarlane is looking forward to:

“I want human beings to see it. Whatever that device is, whatever that delivery mechanism is, I’m not going to get married to a distribution model that may not be as relevant or as efficient because that’s how you used to do it. I’ll talk to all of them.”

I’m eager to see which route McFarlane and Blumhouse take ‘Spawn,’ but at the same time, I do suspect that this is one that I’ll be wanting to see on the big screen.

Are you looking forward to the reboot of ‘Spawn’ finally getting filmed and released? Do you think this should get a theatrical run or would you prefer that it head straight to one of the streaming services? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Comic Book