Anyone dying to see the new take on Todd MacFarlane‘s ‘Spawn‘ better not be holding their breath as the production start date has been pushed back. An exact date has yet to be revealed but it sounds like this Blumhouse Productions film won’t begin shooting until some point next summer. While we’re all dying to see Jamie Foxx suited up as the anti-hero, even if he isn’t the main character in the film, it looks like we’ll have a bit of wait time ahead of us before prep work begins.

I’m most looking forward to seeing how they will have Jeremy Renner suited up to properly play Detective Twitch. After all, you don’t see the actor weathered or sporting facial hair every day.

The news came from Production Weekly who shared the details in the following tweet:

MacFarlane has been talking about a new live-action adaptation of his work for years, so any production delay is probably terrible news to any of the hardcore fans out there. That being said, there is any number of reasons as to why this could be pushed back, from actor to location availability or just making sure pre-production is ready. At the very least, this will give Greg Nicotero (‘The Walking Dead’) even more time to plot out the look and feel of the monsters which we’ll see on the big screen once this movie does come to life.

Are you looking for the reboot of ‘Spawn’? Do you think that this delay will end up benefiting or hurting the film as it moves closer to production? What do you think may have caused the start time for filming to be pushed back? Share your thoughts in the comments below!