Netflix and the BBC are both known for making top quality entertainment and now the two are teaming up to bring us a new televised take on ‘Dracula’. If that idea for a miniseries wasn’t enough to win you over then you might be thrilled to learn that Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, the creators behind ‘Sherlock,’ are the ones that have been tapped to bring us this new take on Bram Stoker’s iconic novel.

The plan is to give us a three-episode story that is set to “reintroduce the world to Dracula, the vampire who ‘made evil sexy.'” What they’re aiming to do is give us a trilogy of films as each of these episodes are stated to be feature-length. As long as Dracula doesn’t end up sparkling and walking around in the daylight, I suspect that the creative team who introduced Benedict Cumberbatch to the world could likely have another hit on their hands.

According to Moffat and Gatiss:

“There have always been stories about great evil. What’s special about Dracula is that Bram Stoker gave evil its own hero.”

We know that they plan on starting things off in 1987 where the Count is plotting from Transylvania to take on Victorian London.

Piers Wenger who is the controller of BBC Drama added:

“Steven and Mark’s ingenious vision for Dracula is as clever as it is chilling. In their talented hands, the fans will experience the power of Bram Stoker’s creation as if completely anew. We are thrilled to be collaborating with them and the brilliant team at Hartswood on yet another iconic British series.”

Sue Vertue, executive producer at Hartswood Films and has previously been part of the development of ‘Sherlock,’ stated:

“We are absolutely thrilled to be back at the BBC, and also delighted that Netflix are coming on board with Dracula. There’s nothing like fresh blood.”

Puns aside, you can’t not wonder what the streaming giant thinks about the project, and Larry Tanz who is the vice president of content acquisition at Netflix shared:

“We can’t wait to bring Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ brilliant storytelling to our members around the world, and we are eager to collaborate on yet another series with the BBC.”

We’ve all seen that when Moffat and Gatiss work together for an extended outing that things can get muddled but with this slated to just be three episodes with a plan already in place, one can only hope that we’ll have a hit on our hands.

Are you excited for Netflix and the BBC to bring us a fresh take on ‘Dracula’? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Collider