Jake Gyllenhaal

Well folks, after months of speculation and being pretty sure but not quite sure, a new video from the set of ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ has confirmed that Jake Gyllenhaal seems to indeed be playing Mysterio in the next chapter of the Spider-Man saga in the MCU.

The video shows a destroyed European street in what is most likely the aftermath of the climax of the movie, and it looks like Mysterio (Gyllenhaal) has been defeated just as authorities are arriving to see the devastation and wreckage left behind after the battle. As for Gyllenhaael’s costume, he retains the classic purple cape of the character from the original comics, but other than that he appears to be leaning more toward the Mysterio of the Ultimate comics, looking more tech-based and metal, almost looking like a version of Thor’s costume, and not looking much in color scheme like the classic green design from years past.

Which is just fine by me, as I am sure with Marvel Studios behind the scenes they will find a way to pay homage to the original costume at some point in the film anyway, so I am not overly concerned. It is just very cool to finally know that Mysterio is being done on the big screen, mostly because I enjoy him as a villain and I enjoy the challenges he presents Spider-Man, both physically and mentally as his illusions force the wall-crawler to puzzle out the mysteries instead of just punching his way out of every situation as is often the case with Spidey’s other villains. Plus, Jake Gyllenhaal is just fantastic onscreen, and it continues the tradition of Spidey villains being portrayed by amazing actors which really hammers home how interesting Spider-Man’s rogue gallery is if these actors find enough depth in the characters to want to portray them.

Make sure to check out the set-video for yourself below, and share your thoughts on Mysterio’s look for ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home,’ as well as your opinions about Jake Gyllenhaal in the roll, in the comments section below that!

‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ will be swinging into theaters on July 5, 2019.