Iron Fist This Deadly Secret

Alright, jumping right into Episode 3, which definitely had the most tension and some of the best character moments of the season so far. Most of the episode revolved around Ward’s brilliant idea for him and Danny to have a dinner party at Danny and Colleen’s apartment where they would invite Joy and Davos over to “clear the air” and find out what they are really up to. Only caveat, of course, is that Ward wants Danny to do the inviting, oh, and not tell Joy that Ward is coming… and not tell Colleen about the plan till the last minute. And to make matters more interesting, earlier that day Danny is visited by Mary who drops off a folder full of photos revealing that someone has been spying on Danny and Colleen, someone named “Walker.” This freaks out Colleen but Danny wants to push through with the dinner regardless, especially since he feels they need a break from trying to stop the gang war in China-town which Danny stayed out all night the previous night fighting to prevent.

Meanwhile, Ward goes to his NA meeting and confronts the members there making accusations that someone must work for Joy because she found out he was going to meetings. This royally pisses off his sponsor who asks him to leave when he demands to know who broke the “trust” of the meeting. As for Joy and Davos, Davos does not want to go to the dinner, but Joy wants to keep up a good front to Danny and realizes he must have spoken to Ward who saw her and Davos together at the art auction party. They decided to attend what turns out to be one of the most awkward and excellent dinner parties I’ve ever seen.

Danny and Colleen appear to be making spaghetti, with Colleen inside making the noodles (apparently from scratch, no wonder Joy keeping making cracks about how “domestic” she is), while Danny is barbecuing the meatballs outside. He is joined shortly by Davos where they have “a moment” reminiscing about K’un Lun and how no one else can ever really understand what it was like there. Later inside, Danny and Colleen continue to stall for Ward, with Colleen furious that she did not find out that Ward’s attendance was a secret until moments before Joy and Davos arrived. She is also pissed that Joy continues to passive-aggressively make comments about how domesticated she has become. They sit down to eat, with Danny having somewhat burned the weird BBQ meatballs, and the conversation gets more and more passive aggressive and awkward until eventually, Colleen snaps. She calls all of them (including Danny) cowards for hiding behind kind words and smiling faces and not having the balls to just say what they are really feeling. She calls out Davos for being pissed at Danny for having the Iron Fist and Joy for being mad at Danny for some reason and never confronting him, reminding both how much they mean to him while also letting slip that Ward is coming. This royally pisses off Joy whose hurt feelings stem from being left out of Danny and Ward’s lies last season about her father. While they are arguing, Davos finds the photos Mary gave to Danny which concern him greatly.

Incensed, Davos and Joy leave, the night not going at all to plan especially since Ward never even bothered to show up. Instead, he went to apologize to his sponsor who warns him that until he gets things figured out with Joy, he will never have a normal relationship with anyone. The night going south might have some bad ramifications for Colleen and Danny as well for their relationship is starting to show some strain as Colleen seems a little annoyed at Danny’s superhero antics, his temper, and his flirting with Mary. Danny does not seem entirely thrilled at her temper at the dinner party, despite his words that at least she had the balls to say something.

They do not get to talk long following the party though, as Mrs. Yang contacts them for help, saying she is representing her husband at the parlay as he had to head out of town for business (or he is dead, paralyzed, or in a hospital with a stroke following Davos’s attack in the last episode, I’m sure we’ll find out eventually), and she would like Danny and Colleen to accompany her and protect her. They agree, and the whole thing goes south when Danny spots men approaching from the outside and they appear to be attacked by agents of The Golden Tigers. Danny and Colleen have to fight their way out of the warehouse with Mrs. Yang, who offers her own assistance by stabbing a man through the eye with a hairpin she has. They escape, but the failed parlay most likely means open war has now come to Chinatown.

Meanwhile, Davos tells Joy that he saw the photos which they commissioned from MARY Walker, revealing that Mary is a double agent or more likely since we know she is Typhoid Mary, one of her personalities works for Davos and Joy, while another is trying to help Danny. They visit Mary, who is angered at their intrusion. Davos demands answers, threatening her. She FINALLY grabs her swords from beneath her desk and holds them to Davos’s throat, and he reaffirms his earlier threat, saying he is not leaving without answers, and the episode ends just as we are about to get our first major Typhoid Mary fight scene, and it looks like it is going to be against Davos himself!

This is definitely the best episode of the season so far! I loved the character interactions, the whole dinner scene, and the fight in the warehouse. The choreography for Danny just seems so fluid and so much better when compared to the nonsense from Season 1, and I am so happy they finally seem to be getting this right. Can’t wait for Episode 4! Make sure to check back here for the next review!