Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Showrunner Ira Steven Behr had a very different idea as to how to end ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘ that would have had some viewers laughing, some confused, and some probably pretty annoyed when the end credits rolled. Behr shared his idea during the Star Trek Las Vegas convention this year which is also the 25th anniversary of the series.

His vision was shot down but would have been a direct callback to one of the more interesting episodes in the series. Specifically, it would have directly gone back to “Far Beyond The Stars” from the sixth season. In it, Benjamin Sisko was given a vision of another life by the Wormhole Aliens where instead of being a Starfleet Captain he was actually Benny Russell who was a 1950s science fiction writer. As an author, he came up with the idea of Deep Space Nine in a story that not only dealt with racism but also was “about the dreamer and the dream and who is dreaming and what they are dreaming about.”

As for the potential series finale, it would have revisited the idea of Benny Russell:

“I did pitch to Rick Berman that the final episode would end up with Benny Russell on Stage 17 at Paramount, wandering around the soundstages, realizing that this whole construct, this whole series, that we had done for seven years, was just in Benny’s head. That is how I wanted to end the series. And Rick said “Does this mean The Original Series was in Benny’s head? Does this mean Voyager was in Benny’s head?” I said, “Hey man, I don’t care who is dreaming those shows, I only care about Deep Space Nine, and yes, Benny Russell is dreaming Deep Space Nine.” He didn’t go for it.”

An ending like that would have thrilled some fans to make a callback to the original story but likely would have alienated many the way “Enterprise” did in the idea that none of this fictional world had happened.

Do you wish that the ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ would have ended by returning to Benny Russell? Are you happy with how the show did end? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Trek Movie