Norman Reedus

These days Norman Reedus might be known for playing Daryl Dixon on ‘The Walking Dead,’ but the actor has made it clear that he wouldn’t mind temporarily hanging up his crossbow and switching from an Image Comics production to one for Marvel Studios on the big screen. In fact, there are two specific characters from Marvel which Reedus would love to play if they end up showing up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’ve seen them both before though Marvel TV has already used one recently and the other is in the process of returning to Marvel from Fox.

The two in question? Reedus recently revealed that fun tidbit during “An Evening with Norman & Jeffrey” which was an event at this year’s Walker Stalker Con. Sitting next to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Reedus was asked who in Marvel he’d love to play where he quickly responded that:

“Ghost Rider would be fun. Silver Surfer would be fun.”

Ghost Rider has appeared in Marvel’s ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ after Marvel Studios regained the rights and seemed unlikely as another reboot anytime soon. If anything, it is almost surprising that ABC hasn’t developed a spinoff with the character with how well-received he was. As to Silver Surfer, it would be quite likely that we’ll see Galactus appearing as a future cosmic threat and, by extension, Silver Surfer as well.

Morgan agreed that “Silver Surfer is awesome” and while Reedus would seem an obvious choice for Ghost Rider with his love of bikes that one seems to be off the table for the time being.

Of course with movie magic and the Ghost Rider that we’ve seen so far not being the traditional one, anything is possible! There is always also the chance that Fox will release their stand-alone film of the character before the buyout is completed.

Would you like to see Norman Reedus join the Marvel Cinematic Universe? If he did, do you think that he’d play a better Ghost Rider or Silver Surfer? Is there another character that he’d be perfect for? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: Comic Book