Doom Patrol

The cast of DC Universe’s ‘Doom Patrol‘ has been growing as production nears and now there are hints that new supporting characters will be in place to support Negative Man. Dwain Murphy has been cast to play Larry Trainor who becomes this unlikely hero. While we aren’t sure if his origin will be changed for DC Universe’s live-action take of the character, in the comics this Air Force test pilot was involved in a plane crash and exposed to “negative energy” which is the source of his abilities.

Three new casting announcements have been made for the show and each of them seems directly related to Negative Man. The first of the two appear to be directly linked to Trainor before being bestowed with powers while the third seems likely to be tied to the “negative energy.” Again, the connections to Negative Man are all based on the idea that his live-action origin will be the same as his comic book introduction.

The first of these characters is said to be named John Bowers. The character’s ethnicity isn’t essential to the part though he must be in his early 30s. John is described as “a blue-collar ground crew chief for the Air Force.” We’re assuming he will be the witness to a horrible accident Larry goes through before gaining his powers. The character is also being described as having a romantic relationship with another male.

Secondly will most likely be the wife of our hero. Her name in the show will be Sheryl Trainor and is also in her 30s. She is going to be a “distant” woman who has two children. In the show, she will now be living under the impression that her husband perished in the plane crash. In the comics, Negative Man wasn’t married or had children. It isn’t clear if she will be distant from the loss of her husband or perhaps there were marital difficulties which could be why the series stressed that the character of John Bowers is gay.

Finally, ‘Doom Patrol’ will be looking for a German man in his 40s-60s named Von Fuchs. He will be a scientist in hiding who is still conducting experiments and is also an ex-Nazi. On the show, Fuchs is keeping up appearances as “Paraguay’s village cobbler.” They would like an actor who has a natural German accent and it isn’t clear if he’ll be recurring or just for a specific set of scenes such as Negative Man’s introduction.

Are you excited to see more of Negative Man’s world being brought into the live-action take of ‘Doom Patrol’? Do you feel that the scientist will have a more significant role to play as a villain on the show? Share your thoughts below!

Source: THS