We already know that Matt Ryan is going to be reprising the part of Constantine in ‘Legends of Tomorrow‘ on The CW and now he’s going to be getting his own show on the network as well! That’s right folks, Constantine is going to be striking out on his own once more. The only catch is that the new series which is titled ‘Constantine: The Legend Continues’ is going to be an animated show. Fans who enjoy watching Ryan put on the trenchcoat and chase after monsters are going to have to be content with ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ and while he’ll still be voicing the character in the cartoon, it just doesn’t feel like it will be the same.

More bad news, if you’ve been watching CW Seed than you’ll recognize the series as well since it was previously released there as ‘Constantine: City of Demons.’ There is no word as to if this iteration will have any changes from the original version. Either way, this is likely why the actor warned that you only have a limited time to watch the series on CW Seed.

‘Constantine: The Legend Continues’ is set to debut on Monday, October 15th, 2018 at 9 PM ET/PT on The CW which is directly after the season premiere of ‘Arrow.’ The initial episode will run an hour, and after it, there will also be an exclusive sneak peek of the new season of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ where you can see your favorite occultist in the flesh.

The new series s written by J.M. DeMatteis and directed by Doug Murphy.

Are you excited to see ‘Constantine: The Legend Continues’? Do you think that this could give us hope for a new live-action ‘Constantine’ series once Matt Ryan is done with his run on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’? Share your thoughts below!