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Fresh off his run and Emmy nomination on ‘The Crown’, Matt Smith has now joined the cast of ‘Star Wars: Episode IX‘! His part in the endcap of the last trilogy in the Skywalker Saga is being called a “key role” and won’t just be a cameo. Being a J.J. Abrams production we, of course, have no details past that including if Smith will be playing someone in The Resistance, the First Order, or someone else entirely.

Just don’t expect any time lord shenanigans as this won’t be a fan fiction ‘Doctor Who’ crossover no matter how much you’d love to see Smith as The Doctor once again.

With the film currently in production, there is a chance something will get leaked about who Smith will be playing soon, but we all know how wrong most of the rumors for the first two installments of this trilogy were. He’ll be joining Dominic Monaghan, Keri Russell, Naomi Ackie, and Richard E. Grant who also have unknown parts to play.

With Grant not playing Grand Admiral Thrawn, there can always be hope that Smith is the one who would bring this character to life. However, as much as I’d love to see Thrawn on the big screen, I feel that to do him justice fans would be better served with him being the primary antagonist in one of the two new trilogies that are being created. The character deserves a three-movie run as the big bad as he has the potential to be the complex villain which the franchise deserves. I suspect this won’t be the route they go with casting for Smith but only time will tell.

Are you excited to see Matt Smith join the cast of ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’? Do you think that he could be playing a pre-existing character or someone entirely new? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly