Star Wars Resistance

Although we already knew that ‘Star Wars Resistance’ took place at some point before ‘The Force Awakens,’ we did not really know how close to the first film in the new ‘Star Wars’ trilogy the latest ‘Star Wars’ series took place. Now, thanks to Twitter user Jose Ruiz, it has been pointed out that ‘Resistance’s’ exact place in the timeline has already been revealed on the Official ‘Star Wars’ website.


Apparently, ‘Resistance’ takes place “about six months before The Force Awakens,” which actually puts it much closer to the movies than anyone had really thought. Depending on how long the series runs, this could mean that the show has a chance of running concurrently with the movies themselves and may even feature episodes that occur at the same time as events in the movies. This would be a departure from previous series like ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars‘ or ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ which never took place at the same time as any movie events. Of course, since the new trilogy focuses so much on Rey, with the Resistance being in the background, you could get away with doing a ‘The Force Awakens’ episode (for example) and just show the events of the movie from say, Poe’s point-of-view or perhaps the events of ‘The Last Jedi’ from the point-of-view of Leia’s agents who were sent out to beg for help for the main Resistance force fleeing the First Order. Either way, the possibilities here are very intriguing.

Also of note, the timeline also leaves the door open for more backstory on the sequel trilogy, as some have pointed out, we know very little about characters like Poe, Phasma, and most importantly, Snoke, and this series could be the place where Lucasfilm reveals some of that information to the broader public (I’m aware some backstory, such as Phasma’s, are already in comics, but not all the fans read the comics).  Or we could be expecting too much from the series, and it could just be about the main kid from the trailer and throughout he vaguely hears about the big events from the trilogy, and they rarely affect what he is up to.

You never know with a ‘Star Wars’ series. Either way, I’m still excited for ‘Star Wars: Resistance,’ and cannot wait for it to finally premiere in October!