The Witcher

As pre-production for Netflix’s upcoming series ‘The Witcher‘ is getting ready to move to the next phase, a new rumor has shared that the series will film in Budapest, Hungary. This 8-episode series has an international built-in fan base from the highly praised books to the trilogy of video games based upon them. While the idea to shoot in Budapest is at the top of the list, other European countries might also be factored into production.

The area is commonly used for television shows and films in the likes of Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Hercules,’ ‘Van Helsing,’ ‘Season of The Witch,’ and has been used by the streaming giant before in ‘Marco Polo.’ With a location set, now we only need the script to be finalized and a full set of actors to be on board.

Speaking of actors, while casting has yet to be announced, Henry Cavill has previously shown interest if the part for Geralt was open and if it fits in his schedule.

There still isn’t much known about the series, though Netflix has previously hinted that they’re looking to adapt the first two works, ‘Sword of Destiny’ and ‘The Last Wish.’ It isn’t clear if these will both be converted into the first season or if they have plans for at least two in mind.

Either way, the series is likely not going to be ready to watch until at least 2020 according to writer and executive producer Lauren S. Hissrich.

Source: Geeks Worldwide.