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Holly Marie Combs who starred in the original ‘Charmed’ has been quite vocal about her distaste for a reboot and now the cast and crew are responding. For the most part, they’re all pretty much choosing to ignore the negativity though are disappointed in how she feels about the upcoming series.

During this year’s Television Critics Association press tour, everyone working on the reboot of ‘Charmed’ was asked how they felt about Holly Marie Combs’ criticism of their project and took some time to respond.

Mark Pedowitz who runs The CW shares that for the vision of the series that “We wanted to take a different path with it” that was set in a “more current time.” The plan was that “We wanted a different Charmed” and hopes that viewers “will come and watch [the reboot] and give a chance.”

Madeleine Mantock who is one of the stars for the new series said that “Of course, you can’t help but feel disappointed because I think the script is fantastic. I really hope maybe she’ll see it and like it.” That being said, the actress does feel that Combs can have her own opinion with how invested she is from starring in the original series.
Melonie Diaz who also stars in the reboot stated, “I think that there’s also a lot of positive stuff coming out, too, and I think that we’ve collectively made the decision to focus on that.”

Executive producer Amy Rardin also shared her disappointment as “We’re only here because of them and that show.”

As to the original criticism that was shared, Holly shared the following on Twitter in January:

The message later evolved a bit in May where she shared that:

It’s always possible that the show will surpass Combs expectations, but it seems unlikely that it could happen. As someone who is generally against reboots, I can understand a dislike for them, and as she was part of the original series both in front and behind the camera, it is easy to empathize with her.

Are you for or against a reboot of ‘Charmed’? Do you think Combs is in the right to be criticizing the show? Did the trailer end up convincing you that the new series might be worth seeing? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly