Some shows are especially fertile ground for spinoffs. Maybe it’s the versatility of their premise (You can have a ‘CSI’ in any city!) or maybe it’s whatever strange creative alchemy allowed shows like fueled the sheer breadth of programs spawned by ‘Happy Days’ or ‘All in the Family’. Others, like ‘Agents of SHIELD’, can’t seem to generate a spinoff no matter how persistently the powers that be try.

By all rights, ‘Supernatural’ should have fallen into the former category. After all, in the course of thirteen seasons (and counting) the Winchesters have crossed paths with any number of side characters who could be sent on their own demon hunting adventures. And indeed, the network and producers have tried on several occasions to launch a spinoff, though none have managed to get off the ground.

And after all those false starts, the CW may finally be accepting the paradoxical fact that their longest running series might not have a spinoff in it after all. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly at the Television Press Tour, network president Mark Pedowitz was asked about the potential for a ‘Supernatural’ spinoff, a particularly salient question in the wake of last year’s aborted attempt to launch the female-focused ‘Wayward Sisters‘. Says Pedowitz:

“We were very happy with the women who were in the ‘Wayward Sisters’ spinoff. We have a certain number of slots this year. It just did not get there. ‘Supernatural’ may be Jared and Jensen – and there may not be a franchise beyond that.”

On the bright side, though, Pedowitz also reiterated his commitment to ‘Supernatural’, saying he is content to keep the show on the air for as long as series leads Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are willing to stay on the job.

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‘Supernatural’ is due to begin its twenty episode fourteenth season on October 11, 2018.