Birds Of Prey

Could ‘Birds of Prey’ actually be creeping closer to reality?  It seems so.  Margot Robbie will finally reprise her role as Harley Quinn in this movie, to be directed by Cathy Yan.  Now, it looks as though the film’s synopsis has been revealed:

“After splitting up with The Joker, Harley Quinn and three other female superheroes – Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya – come together to save the life of a little girl (Cassandra Cain) from an evil crime lord.”

There is one major name missing– Barbara Gordon.  Barbara has been a member of the ‘Birds of Prey’ as both Oracle and Batgirl.  The most recent word was that she would appear in this movie but not as Batgirl.  But this synopsis doesn’t mention her at all.

It was also previously hinted that the villain of this movie might be The Penguin, but that doesn’t seem to be the case either.  As it stands, this is a rather odd mix of characters.  Apparently, Harley will appear as a hero.  Renee Montoya is also referred to as a superhero, but she was reportedly going to be part of the Gotham City Police’s forensics department.  She has previously been depicted as a uniformed beat cop, then a police detective.  She was also at one time The Question, but she probably won’t have that alter ego in ‘Birds of Prey’.

Alexandra Daddario (‘Baywatch’) is reportedly being eyed to play Huntress, contradicting earlier reports that WB was seeking a person of color for that role.  Also according to the latest buzz Jodie Comer (‘Killing Eve’), Blake Lively (‘Green Lantern’) and Vanessa Kirby (‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’) are all in the running to play Black Canary.  Previously, ‘Vikings” Katheryn Winnick was favored for the role, but she is apparently no longer being considered.

What do you think of ‘Birds of Prey’ so far?  Does it seem to be shaping up to you?  Or are you starting to worry?

Source: Discussing Film