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Universal Pictures has been quiet as to the future of “The Dark Universe” after the flop of ‘The Mummy’ but a new rumor points to Max Landis penning a script for ‘Creature From the Black Lagoon.’ Now, the idea of this is a bit of a stretch so I wouldn’t bet on it happening as of this time for a few reasons and I’ll share why in a moment.

First off, the way the rumor surfaced is that on a recent Instagram Story, Landis listed a few of his current projects by abbreviations: GV, DS, H, CFBL, TTP, AWIL. A few that appear to have been mentioned in the past would be H (‘Higher’ which is the sequel to ‘Deeper’), TTP (‘Trust the Police’ which he’s previously mentioned), and AWIL (‘American Werewolf in London‘ which is a long-gestating project that we know about.) GV could stand for ‘Green Valley’ which is a fantasy film that he previously had mentioned with no hints as to DS at this time.

There are guesses to CFBL which have it sound like ‘Creature From the Black Lagoon.’

Landis goes so far as to comment on the post stating that ‘damn man” to the guess and:

“Honestly I’m doing a lot of stuff, but my career up til this point has NOT been a thing to set your clock, or anyone’s clock, by. Seven movies and six seasons of tv and three viral shorts are not a normal speed setting; I’ve been very lucky, and that doesn’t count all the stuff I’ve worked on on the side.

Stuff is working at a more normal speed right now, so things will be along on a more normal schedule.”

This doesn’t confirm or deny the movies that he is working on so it is hard to tell.

However, with the failure of ‘The Mummy,’ we saw that production of the second “Dark Universe” film was axed in pre-production and there has been no movement on ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ since that happened. A ‘Creature From the Black Lagoon’ remake had already been being written for the studio by Jeff Pinkner and Will Beall so it isn’t clear if this was being retooled for another take or could be an entirely different project.

Would you be able to get behind a reboot of ‘Creature From the Black Lagoon’? Do you think that it would end up being part of “The Dark Universe” or has Universal Pictures switched gears? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Slash Film