Dark Horse Takes A More ‘Direct’ Approach

The team at Dark Horse Comics has long been known for being somewhat of an indie-darling among comic publishers, but what many people didn’t realize is that they’ve also had a long-standing collectibles division where they produce a number of top notch statues, scaled replicas, and other collectibles that you might even already own (especially if you’re a fan of ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘The Witcher’, or ‘The Legend Of Zelda’)! This week the team at Dark Horse has announced their plans to bow out of their previous collectibles venture and start anew with the new Dark Horse Direct division! Dark Horse Direct will be a new version of the Dark Horse Collectibles division that allows Dark Horse to deal with consumers more directly (hence the name change). They’ve already announced their first new products that will be released under the new Dark Horse Direct banner, which you can check out below along with the full press release:

Dark Horse Direct. Fandom Delivered.

Today, Dark Horse Comics is proud to announce its newest business venture, Dark Horse Direct. A newly established division, Dark Horse Direct is focused on bringing high-end, limited production collectibles directly to consumers from their online storefront, Direct.DarkHorse.com.

The vision behind DH Direct is to offer fans the finest statues, toys, and figures from their favorite graphic novels, television series, and video game franchises. “Dark Horse Direct is the latest example in Dark Horse’s long history of innovative business practices,” explained President and Founder Mike Richardson. “Dark Horse constantly looks for new ways to inspire passion in our fans in every format possible, which is why a direct-to-consumer program is the most logical move as we continue to grow our business and cultivate new fans.”

The first Dark Horse Direct offering available is the Game of Thrones®: Tormund Giantsbane Figure! Available for pre-order now, Tormund retails for $40.00 and is due to ship to website customers in early August 2018. As a bonus, 300 of the figures will also be available for purchase in the Dark Horse retail booth #2615 at San Diego Comic-Con!

The inaugural DH Direct lineup continues with the Umbrella Academy: Spaceboy Maquette. Masterfully sculpted and painted at 14” tall by 19” wide, this Umbrella Academy: Spaceboy Maquette evokes the character exactly as writer Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance, True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys) and artist Gabriel Bá (Two Brothers, Daytripper) conceived him to be. The Umbrella Academy: Spaceboy Maquette retails for $299.99 and is now available for pre-order. Dark Horse Direct presents a throne fit for the true leader of Westeros with the Game of Thrones: Iron Throne 18” Replica. With HBO® Licensing and Retail and the talented artisans at Gentle Giant, DH Direct has replicated the seat of the kings of Westeros. This replica retails for $499.99 and will ship later this year, opening for pre-order in the coming weeks. 

Leading the new division is former Dark Horse Director of Marketing, Melissa Lomax. “I am incredibly honored to oversee Dark Horse Direct,” said Lomax, Dark Horse Direct’s new Director of eCommerce. “This is an exciting new opportunity for us to create fresh and unique collectibles that will delight our current fans, as well as new pop-culture enthusiasts, with premium concepts and formats. Get excited! Some really special items are coming and want a place in your home.”

With many more exciting products to come, Direct.DarkHorse.com is open for business now, and ready for fans to check out!

“Who’s Scruffy Looking?”

Fans from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away will be thrilled to hear that Hasbro has unveiled some new ‘Star Wars’ figures for both their 6″ ‘The Black Series’ and their 3.75″ ‘The Vintage Collection’ lines!

For the larger scaled ‘Star Wars: The Black Series’ we can look forward to a new ‘Bespin’ Han Solo (a single release of this year’s SDCC exclusive box set figure sans accessories), a Rebel Trooper, and Tobias Beckett! All three of these figures are set for a wide release this August.

For fans of the smaller 3.75″ scale ‘The Vintage Collection’, a new case assortment is set to hit stores this August that will bring some new favorites to this classic ‘Star Wars’ scale! While the new assortment will include a number of repacks from previous waves, four all new 3.75″ figures will be joining their ranks with new characters from both ‘Star Wars’ anthology films ‘Rogue One’ and ‘Solo’! From ‘Rogue One’ we’ve got a Death Trooper and an Imperial Assault Tank Driver, while from ‘Solo’ we have the younger version of Han Solo himself as well as Enfys Nest.

One Last ‘Morphin’ Time

This week Bandai America has announced another team up with Gamestop for a new exclusive figure in their 6.5″ scale ‘Power Rangers: Legacy’ line! The latest figure to be revealed is the Red Ranger with Dragon Shield! This figure is very likely one of the least new figures we will be seeing from this line as it’s set to come to a close early next year as the ‘Power Rangers’ license shifts from Bandai to Hasbro after a quarter of a century! The Gamestop exclusive Red Ranger with Dragon Shield ‘Power Rangers: Legacy’ figure is up for pre-order now and will set you back $22.99.


 Gotta Get Down On Friday

We are a few days late with the news here, but this past weekend our friends at Entertainment Earth teamed up with Mezco to celebrate the recently passed ‘Friday The 13th’ in style with an all-new exclusive figure! The latest Entertainment Earth exclusive is a special new release of Mezco’s stylized Jason Voorhees figure with a bloody paint job and a glow-in-the-dark mask!

Mezco’s stylized Jason Voorhees figure is based on his appearance in ‘Friday The 13th Part 3’, stands approximately 6″ tall, and sports 10 points of articulation. He comes packaged with a machete and a bloody axe! Jason Voorhees is up for pre-order on Entertainment Earth now!