A Quiet Place

‘A Quiet Place’ was a groundbreaking film in many ways. The idea was unique, and the monsters terrifying. Getting the right look for the creatures was no easy feat, and the original look was nothing like the version that ended up in the film. Now, fans can have a look at the design process behind the monsters!

If you’ve seen the film, you know that the creative team behind ‘A Quiet Place’ strove to take the monster-based, post-apocalyptic story in a vastly different direction than other horror flicks. In ‘A Quiet Place,’ the aliens are both attracted to and repelled by sound, and this characteristic helped inspire their design. The filmmakers wanted to take their time getting the look just right and started designing the monsters before entering pre-production, at the suggestion of the original ‘Cloverfield’ movie writer Drew Goddard.

The special features section of ‘A Quiet Place’s’ home video release, features the crew speaking about the production team led by Jeffery Beecroft and concept artist Luis Carrasco. According to the interviews, the team originally made the monsters blind since they were drawn to sound. Krasinski took inspiration from prehistoric fish, with Beecroft’s inspiration coming from nautilus shells.

Check out the original designs below:

Krasinski has said he wanted visual effects supervisor Scott Farrar to hold the aliens back as much as possible, making them more of a mystery and ramping up the suspense of the film. Filmmakers wanted fans to have an experience much like ‘Jaws,’ in which the monsters aren’t seen in their entirety very much at all. This tactic forces the audience to fill in the blanks with their imagination, which could be even more terrifying than the real thing.

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