game of thrones

While most fans will always remember the epic battles, the march of the White Walkers, the long-awaited meetings of favorite characters like Tyrion and Daenerys or Daenerys and Jon Snow, the Red Wedding, and the death of Ned Stark, ‘Game of Thrones’ had one scene that fans watching in India will remember a little differently than the rest of us. I am talking about Cersei’s fabled Walk of Shame, wherein the character was forced to walk naked through King’s Landing to get back to the Red Keep, all while she is followed by a sept shouting “SHAME!” and ringing a bell, and the people of King’s Landing shout obscenities and throw God-knows-what at their queen.

It was a powerful and epic scene that resonated with a lot of the audience, one that book readers were very happy was included in the series as it was a pivotal moment for Cersei. It was also a controversial scene as the shooting location for King’s Landing did not want it shot on their streets, Lena Headey was pregnant at the time (though not showing yet) and chose to use a body double for the close-up shots, and a lot of fans were taken aback to see such a powerful woman brought so low.

And yet, if you were watching the broadcast version of that episode in India, the experience was a little different as they censored the whole thing to prevent audiences from seeing too much of Cersei’s naked form. You can check out the four minute clip for yourself below. While I admit some of the edits are not the greatest, it actually was not as much censorship as I had thought. In my opinion, it does a good job of still getting the essence of the scene across without showing Lena’s body double all that much. As to whether it had the same impact without literally seeing how stripped bare Cersei was I am not sure, but it is interesting to see how the show gets interpreted for viewers who cannot watch on HBO and see the content as intended by its creators.

What are your thoughts on censoring the Walk of Shame? Does it take away from the whole point by not clearly showing how naked Cersei is as she walks through King’s Landing? Or do the cuts work well enough that you still get the point without the nudity? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below!


SOURCE: Cinemablend