Millicent Simmonds

John Krasinski’s ‘A Quiet Place’ is a unique thriller that captivated audiences. The film’s ending left many fans wondering what happened after the credits started rolling.

At the end of the film, Emily Blunt and Millicent Simmonds, playing mother and daughter Evelyn and Regan Abbott, have learned how to disarm the monsters that have been terrorizing the Earth. While the creatures close in on their headquarters, Evelyn and Regan are ready to bust out some sound waves and Blunt pumps the barrel of her shotgun…then the credits roll.

Simmonds appeared at a recent press day to discuss ‘A Quiet Place’ and was asked what she thinks happens after the credits roll. Simmonds responded:

“I imagine the two of them slowly walking out of the house. [With] Emily’s character shooting, and then Reagan’s character using the speaker so that they weren’t able to defend themselves. And really, defeating the monsters, and hopefully finding other families.”

During the film, it was teased that there may be other camps of survivors, though this was never confirmed. However, the idea that there may be other survivors could give fans a look into the story that ‘A Quiet Place 2’ could tell.

While not much is known about the film’s sequel, it has been previously reported that Krasinski will be involved in some way, be it writing, producing, and/or directing the sequel. Producer Andrew Form stated that he was in no hurry to get started on ‘A Quiet Place 2,’ saying:

“It’s such a special movie to us, the experience and everything. It’s easy to rush these and we’ve made movies in the past where we’ve rushed them through and we’ve felt it, and we just don’t wanna do it on this one. We really don’t. We really just wanna take our time and as long as it takes, it takes. It has to be the right story, just like the first one. It just has to be.”

‘A Quiet Place’ will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on July 10. Check out the full interview with Simmonds below!