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We’ve learned from ‘Iron Man’ that an origin story can build a cinematic universe and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is sharing that this won’t be the case as they entire Phase 4 of the MCU.  We’ve already seen characters like Black Panther and Spider-Man being introduced in other movies rather than having their own solo film first and it seems that may be the new blueprint for Marvel going forward.

When talking about how narratives have changed over the years, Feige shares:

“I don’t think there’s any overarching philosophy. I think it’s case by case. Had [Black] Panther not appeared in [Captain America:] Civil War would we have done a different version of the opening of that movie? Maybe. It is, sometimes, like Doctor Strange, origins can be great, origin stories can be fascinating. If there are, in the future, new stories that require origins… When I talk about a traditional origin structure, it’s Superman: The Movie, right? It’s following that – or even Iron Man. Taking an hour-plus to see the guy or the girl in the outfit. Sometimes that’s the way to do it. Sometimes that’s great. And sometimes there are other ways to do it.”

So that sounds like they’re a bit split on how new characters will be introduced going forward. The idea of superhero fatigue and not wanting to keep telling the same stories to audiences is something Feige has been thinking about. With that in mind, origin stories themselves won’t always be needed or they’ll be told in new ways:

“I think it’s much less specific to any notion of ‘origin,’ because, as I just said, sometimes it can be subverted, sometimes you just play it out. That’s the better way to do it. The bigger philosophy is, with each film we make, how can we do it in a way we haven’t done before? How, whether that’s a sequel, whether that’s an origin, whether that’s a spin-off, how can we do a movie that entertains ourselves first, as we develop it, and as we produce it, because hopefully, that happens than when it’s on the screen, it’ll entertain the audience as well.”

Marvel Studios has been doing a great job at telling superhero stories set in different genres, and while some of the formula in these films have been the same, Feige recognizes that surprising audiences has been the key to keep us coming back for more.

“Ant-Man & The Wasp is our 20th film in the MCU, and I think we’ve gotten here by surprising people, surprising ourselves, and changing things where things need to be changed, and altering things and adapting things, and keeping it, for lack of a better term, fresh. And that will continue.”

I’m eager to see how ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ is going to be surprising us and glad that Feige recognizes that when it comes to introducing new characters that they have to break the mold.

Do you love how Marvel has been introducing new character over the years? What do you think Kevin Feige has in mind for launching the next set of heroes and villains? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: Cinema Blend