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Fresh off of their success on ‘A Quiet Place,’ writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods are now working on their next horror film – Stephen King’s ‘The Boogeyman.’ This tale is another of King’s short stories which were originally released in 1973 though is more commonly associated with the 1978 short story collection ‘Night Shift.’ Also behind the scenes, we’ve learned that Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, and Dan Cohen will be producing this feature film. King has loved what the writing duo did with ‘A Quiet Place’ and the 21 Laps production team listed are responsible for such hits as ‘Arrival and ‘Stranger Things.’

For those unfamiliar with “The Boogeyman,” the tale is about a father whose young children are being stalked by a monstrous creature that lives in the closets of their home. Much like the rest of King’s earlier works, this is a harsh and unforgiving story that will be interesting to see brought to life as a full movie. The tale has been created as a short film seven times so far but this is the first time anyone has thought to develop it into a fully realized cinematic experience.

As we’ve seen for years, many of King’s short stories are ripe to be expanded on having been transformed into full movies and even multi-season television shows. All to varying success, of course, as for every ‘Haven’ we’ve had even a full novel like ‘Under the Dome’ stretched far longer than it should have been.

At this time, no actors or a director have been announced as attached to the film.

Are you excited to see what this writing pair can do with Stephen King’s ‘The Boogeyman’? If you’ve read the story, what changes would you make to see this done as a full-length feature film? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline