For five seasons the Netflix-Dreamworks ‘Voltron‘ reboot has been going strong and has built up an impressive range of questions for fans. Now, it appears the sixth season is going to touch upon most of the open plot lines that have been left dangling. The new season has dropped today and executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos and co-executive producer Lauren Montgomery have been kind enough to share some details of what we can expect to see when we’re binge-watching over the coming week.

When Season 6 kicks off, Montgomery shares that “the Galra Empire is fractured, Voltron and the Paladins are working with Lotor, who is the new Galra Emperor and they’re trying to bring peace. Allura has discovered some new powers on Oriande.” That sounds great, but we all know Lotor, and Dos Santos was quick to verify our fears in that “while Lotor seems to be doing the right thing and standing right by his word, there’s always sort of an air of uncertainty with his character and where he’s coming from.”

How much can we trust him? Dos Santos agrees with likely all of the audience when he says:

“You should always be a little wary just because he is a pretty cunning dude, but in a lot of scenarios, I think he is to be trusted. I think his intentions are true. In his perfect world, there would be peace and the Galra would be brought together and working alongside the universe.”

As we all know, this isn’t his perfect world and I suspect we’ll all have reason to be glad we didn’t trust his intentions by the season’s end. Switching things up, though, the producers spoke about Keith and what he found out about his background last season. Montgomery states that “now that he has found Krolia, he’s found someone who can kind of help him fill in the gaps of some of the things that he didn’t know about himself. So, we can look forward to definitely learning more about that.”

As to what is going on with Shiro? The duo were playing coy with that one, but Dos Santos did share that there’s been a lot of speculation and is very excited to deliver answers.

Are you looking forward to the sixth season of ‘Voltron’? What are your guesses as to how we’ll see these plots play out over the upcoming season? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly