When they leave him alone, Ake wakes up and explores the Mesa, eventually finding Kohana and all the retired Hosts in the storeroom. In a heartbreaking scene, he realizes she is beyond him now and cannot be woken up at all. He returns to the park where he takes on a new mission to spread the Maze and wake up as many hosts as he can, including Maeve and her daughter, who find a massive carving of the Maze outside their home. The episode confirms that the Ghost Nation never actually attacked Maeve and her daughter but it was actually the Man in Black who did everything, killing both.

Years later, Ake comes across Ford prepping a scene with other Ghost Nation members, and Ford has a chat with him explaining that he knows now that Ake has been keeping an eye on him and spreading the Maze. Ford says he has also been keeping an eye on Ake. He insinuates that Ake is on the right path and warns him to be prepared for the day when the “Deathbringer” kills Ford. He claims Ake has to be ready to take action and stop her. Later, we see Ake once more find the remnants of a Dolores killing spree and find Ford’s body. He begins to take action against the ‘Deathbringer.’

Back in the present, Lee convinces some techs at the Mesa to save Maeve due to her enhanced programming, explaining that she is the only thing in the park that still has admin rights and is heartbroken when they will not fix her injuries, merely looking over her programming instead. He gives an incredibly passionate and sad speech to the dormant Maeve saying that she deserves better and that he is sorry this happened to her. It seems like Lee is genuinely on her side now.

In the Ghost Nation camp, Emily arrives demanding for her father. Ake tells her no, saying the man needs to suffer. Emily says they want the same thing and promises she will make the MIB miserable as she takes his wounded body. Ake lets her go and then proceeds to speak more with Maeve’s daughter. In the Mesa, Charlotte arrives to examine Maeve and discovers that not only did Maeve use her telepathic admin powers to control and rewrite host programming while out in the field, she was also doing it at that very moment, speaking to another host.

We then flash back to Ake and Charlotte and realize Maeve has been listening in and speaking to Ake, and Ake is well aware of her mental presence. The episode ends with Ake and Maeve promising to help each other, with Maeve sharing words of encouragement that Ake and Kohana once spoke to each other, proving she heard the entire story Ake told her daughter.


  • Why did the MIB kill Maeve and her daughter? Is there a chance that he, a host, is tasked with hunting down other Hosts who have been infested with the Maze and the path to consciousness? Is that why he kept such a close eye on Dolores? Is that why Ake hates him so much?
  • Where is the rest of Maeve’s gang? Is there a chance Lee is stalling for time until the others show up, having planned it all out with Hektor and the others before QA showed up? Could they be running late because they went back to Shogun World to enlist help there?
  • What was that damn door? Why did it look so odd? If the Delos reinforcements were arriving by water, what is the point of that door? What is beyond it?
  • Is the MAZE a type of barcode that once a host sees it, it instantly sets their programming on the path to consciousness? I.E. did Ake put Maeve on this path simply by showing her the Maze?
  • Is Dolores the real villain of the series? Are Ake and Maeve only there to stop her from killing everyone? Or do they represent another path, a world where perhaps Hosts and Humans could peacefully co-exist?

I loved all of the questions brought up by this episode and the fact that they took the time to really flesh out Ake and the Ghost Nation. The idea of making Dolores this major threat that has to be stopped is also fun as it brings a lot more tension to the series and sets the Hosts against one another, perfect for a series where things are not always black and white and making sure the show does not simply become Humans versus Hosts. I really hope that Maeve survives and is able to bring her abilities to play against Dolores later this season. I also hope that Lee is not just playing his own games right now as he is Maeve’s only shot at survival for the moment.

Really looking forward to those last two episodes! Check back here next week for my review!