David Duchovny

After 11 entertaining, disconnected, and sometimes disconcerting seasons, recent news comes that long-time genre hit show ‘The X-Files‘ may be coming to an end.  Of course, we’ve heard that before, and then the show came back after years of being off the air, so who can say for sure?

In a recent appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, series star David Duchovny took the opportunity to address a few of the more “out there” fan theories about the show – in good fun, of course.  The full video is below, but here are some of the most entertaining responses, starting with Duchovny’s addressing whether or not Mulder and Scully ever hooked up on the show (in the first episode of the series, Scully is shown coming to Mulder’s hotel room in only a robe):

“I don’t think they had sex in the first season… I don’t think so. I don’t even recall season seven at all. That was the season of ‘secret sex?’ It was so secret, Mulder’s not aware of it.”

What about the highly detailed Reddit theory that claims that Scully is immortal?

“I’ve heard that Scully might be immortal. [In-show character] Clyde Bruckman said she was immortal. He also said that I would die of autoerotic asphyxiation. I hope he’s wrong. I hope she’s not immortal, and I hope it’s not the way I go.”

Just for fun, Duchovny addresses the odd penchant the show had early on for the characters all wearing similar clothing – did extra-terrestrials influence the ‘X-Files’ fashion choices?

“What about those [’90s] shoulder pads?  Those are pretty alien, too. And Scully wears some kind of a hunting jacket in the first episode, which is, y’know… Mulder’s ties are quite wide, which is how they wear them on Mars.  …it was mostly budget [reasons], yeah, it was budget.”

Check out the whole video – with Duchovny being a very good sport about these rather silly questions – here!


‘The X-Files’ may be done with new episodes, as Fox recently announced it has “no plans to do another season at the moment.”