Gillian Anderson

We’ve all heard that Gillian Anderson hadn’t signed on to return to ‘The X-Files‘ for a continued show and she’s currently having fun trolling people who are claiming she is the reason that the show won’t go on. The studio was clear that they had “no plans” for a Season 12 and a certain Editor-in-Chief of another magazine put the blame squarely on Scully’s shoulders:

Anderson took a bit of an offense that this was the only reason why there wouldn’t be a continuation of the revival. In fact, she felt that there was something quite a bit more obvious as to why Fox wasn’t pushing for Mulder coming back solo or with a new team and her response was pretty fantastic:

Yes, that may be a bit high, but it looks close to accurate of the numbers drop from Season 10 to 11. With how many weren’t fans of the previous season or how the final season kicked off, that isn’t, unfortunately, all that surprising. I’m sure we can all agree that if the ratings were there, we’d be seeing Fox pushing forward without her and having either Mulder or a new set of agents working cases. You almost have to wonder if the story had been told differently and had been more appealing to both Anderson and the fans, maybe she would have considered coming back even if would have meant being tied to a long-running project for one final year.

With her departure from ‘American Gods’ as well, I suspect that this wouldn’t have been the case.

Are you happy to hear that ‘The X-Files’ appear to finally be closed or were you hoping that the network would have found a way to work with Chris Carter and continue the franchise? Share your thoughts below!