big bang theory

Well, this might just be my favorite episode of the season so far. It had everything, great moments, laughs, some emotional stuff, a weird kind of cross-over vibe with ‘Young Sheldon,’ the whole thing just really flew by. If only they could keep up this quality for every episode nowadays…

But I digress. This week’s plot centers around a family problem Sheldon is having, in that his mother will not come to the wedding unless Sheldon invites his brother Georgie, who Sheldon has not spoken to in 10 years. The ladies, of course, joke that it finally feels like a wedding now that there is some family drama, but Sheldon is not happy. And of course, Georgie is not answering Sheldon’s calls, so Sheldon ropes Leonard into accompanying him on a trip to Texas, where they meet Georgie, a character who, until now, we have only know in his teenage incarnation over on ‘Young Sheldon.’

The casting here is great as he does indeed seem like the adult version of the character we know from the spin-off series, and the brotherly vibe between Sheldon and Georgie plays very well in my opinion. I really enjoyed all of their interactions, especially as Georgie seems to be one of the few people who both understands Sheldon but doesn’t let him off the hook for his oddity having grown up with it (plus I really like the subtle jab at Sheldon as Georgie calls himself and his chain of tire stores “Dr. Tire”). They squabble and Leonard ends up speaking to Georgie alone, learning that Georgie has only ever looked out for Sheldon and feels Sheldon owes him for looking after the family when their dad died. Leonard brings the brothers together and they hash it out, with Georgie revealing that he and their mom protected Sheldon through the years their dad died by not letting him know about their troubles at home, with Sheldon eventually being appreciative of everything they all did for him. They make up, George is invited to the wedding, and Leonard is very emotional seeing Sheldon and his brother getting along.

Back at home, while putting together goodie bags at the Wolowitz home, the wedding party learns Howard and Bernie’s kids have pink eye,  and sure enough, everyone comes down with pink eye soon afterward, infuriated since the wedding is only a week away and because almost magically Penny did not get pink eye. Amy, in particular, is pissed off at Bernie for ruining her face, and because Sheldon is a germaphobe and might call off the wedding if he thinks Amy might infect him. Raj is angry because he is desperately looking for a wedding date and cannot do it with his eye red, swollen and full of puss. Luckily, they learn the pink eye is only bacterial and will go away in 2 or 3 days with eye drops, and Amy convinces Sheldon to stay in Texas for a handful of extra days (all while only presenting her side profile to their video chat so Sheldon cannot see her pink eye). Sheldon tells Leonard they are staying longer, and Leonard, not sure how he was talked into going along on the trip in the first place, says there’s no point in arguing, so they are on their way to a train museum Sheldon is very excited to visit.


BERNIE: (to Howard after he announces the kids have pink eye) Get in the shower then take off those clothes and burn them!
PENNY: Along with the rest of your clothes! (beat) Worth a shot.

RAJ: (on being alone at the wedding) I need a date! I don’t want to be that sad, single friend that everyone looks at with pity!
LEONARD: I’m afraid that ship may have sailed.

AMY: There probably won’t even be a wedding! My fiance is a germaphobe! If he finds out I’m contagious he’ll probably never come back from Texas!
BERNIE: What if we tell him the theme is ‘Walking Dead’ and this is our Zombie make-up?
AMY: (beat) That’ll probably work – we’ll call that Plan B!

LEONARD: (emotional after Sheldon and Georgie make up) I think we just patched a tire!
SHELDON: Do you not listen! He said NEVER patch a tire!

Again, great episode, I am very happy to see the show finishing the season strong, though I do worry this might have been their peak, as I cannot imagine how they are going to top it next week, even if it is the wedding episode with Sheldon and Amy. Also, again, I really like the way they brought in the character of Georgie from ‘Young Sheldon’ and I hope they keep using that character as he fits very well with Sheldon. I like the dynamic between him and Leonard as well, kind of the old “big brother” and the new one. Looking forward to the season finale next week!