fantastic four

Much of Marvel’s First Family has been missing since the events of the 2016 “Secret Wars” event and now it seems that they’re finally coming back to the 616 continuity. The last run had ended on a high note and some suspected that it could be Fox’s continued failures at launching a movie that took these heroes out of the comics.

To be honest, they were written off in a great way. The Thing and The Human Torch were still on the Earth which we read about but Reed and Susan Richards, as well as their kids, all went off to fix the Multiverse that had been destroyed. “Secret Wars” kicked off showing that it had barely stitched back together thanks to the work of Dr. Doom who was serving as the equivalent of God at the time.

But now it seems that Marvel has been busy trying to set things right and the company took to Twitter to announce their return.

First, they did a countdown of what appears to be upcoming themes for the year which are part of Marvel’s Fresh Start initiative and it ended with a familiar number:






The official announcement came immediately after thanks to Marvel’s new Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski.

According to Cebulski, “It’s the right time, and we wanted the right team to do it, and we wanted the right story to get across.” Fans couldn’t agree more! I’m sure the story of what they’ve been up to will slowly be fleshed out over the coming year but it will be great to see them back in action.

Are you excited for the return of the ‘Fantastic Four’? Do you believe that their job in putting the Multiverse back together is done or will there be a different reason for the family to get back together? If Richards has been working on fixing the Multiverse since the fallout of “Secret Wars,” could he now have a new cosmic power? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: Marvel’s Twitter and directly from Marvel as well!