The first teaser-trailer to ‘Venom’ didn’t show off the suit of the central character which leads many to be annoyed with our first look. Yes, we saw some canisters full of symbiotes, but everyone wanted to see Eddie Brock in action or at least a glimpse of him in the shadows suited up.

That didn’t happen. In fact, the lukewarm reception to the teaser has evolved into a theory that while the film will introduce us to Venom, it might not happen until the very end of the movie. It would be the most significant misstep of Sony to try and win over audiences to it’s “non-Spider-Man-yet-using-all-his-secondary-characters” cinematic universe.

Thankfully, Tom Hardy has taken to Instagram to shut this rumor down pretty quick.

It would be interesting if they can generate enough buzz for the movie to save the suit’s reveal until audiences are actually in theaters, though I suspect we’ll be getting a sneak peek at it sooner than later. Sony hasn’t been wowing Spidey fans for years which is why they worked out a deal to insert him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe so we’re all waiting to see if they can pull this off.

The most obvious guess is just like the joke of unfinished CGI on Cable’s arm in the first ‘Deadpool 2 trailer, the movie just isn’t far enough into post-production to have anything solid to show us. Filming finished this year with the trailer dropping almost instantly after which wouldn’t have given much time to finish much of the finishing touches.

Are you annoyed that we haven’t seen the Venom symbiote in action yet or glad that they’re delaying it until closer to the movie? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

‘Venom’ will be swinging into theaters on October 8th, 2018