As for Hogarth, she gets Shane out of prison and manages to convince him to try his healing ability on her, learning that every time he does it he shortens his own life-span, which she pays him handsomely for (the whole thing is starting to feel a little fishy). Trish continues her downward spiral, doing ‘Trish Talk’ while high and going on a moralistic rant which ends with her quitting due to the useless drivel the show puts forth which actually impresses a producer at ZCN. She gets an interview opportunity with the network but unfortunately runs out of the IGH drug right beforehand, which makes her bomb the interview and test as she is struggling with withdrawals.

Meanwhile, Jessica is visited by Oscar who claims that his ex-wife is trying to flee the country with their son (Vido) and asks for her help in saving his child. Working with Alisa, Jessica and Oscar investigate his ex-wife’s home and figure out she is trying to take a bus out of the city. They race to the bus station where they just miss the bus’s departure. Luckily, Jessica and Alisa run after the vehicle using their strength to lift up its rear tires and make it come to a stop so Oscar can get Vido home.

Alisa overhears Jessica lecturing Oscar’s ex telling her that Vido’s mom should not be in prison, that he needs her, and to figure out a way to make it work. This clearly influences Alisa. Plus, she seemed to really enjoy being a hero with Jessica and starts envisioning a future with them together working to help people, which Jessica is not so sure about because of her mom’s rage and all of the murders she had done already. When they return to the apartment, Alisa is still all about killing Cheng so they can tie up that one loose end, but Jessica won’t let her do it. Cheng wakes up and Jessica and him speak. He reminds her that no matter what, he is going to the cops as Alisa is a killer and needs to be in prison.

Sadly, Jessica knows he has a point, and she calls the cops on her mom. Alisa tries to flee, and Jessica chases after her, but in her rage, Alisa turns on her daughter and smashes her head into the floor. She manages to come out of the killing rage just in time to see what she is doing. When the police arrive, she surrenders herself to them, not wanting to hurt Jessica anymore.

The emotional complications of the series this season is pretty incredible. I really like the character of Alisa Jones and the way she compliments Jessica as both a symbol of her past and as a dark reminder of what Jessica herself could become if she does not open herself up to others and learn to control her anger. I liked the Malcolm storyline as well, as it is good to see the man step up and show off his skills and what he has been learning from Jessica, though it was decidedly sad to see him so easily give in to temptation from Trish. I hope he does not also fall back into addiction the way she has. As for Trish, I honestly don’t know what to say. I liked her a lot in Season 1 and as this season has progressed, I’ve liked her less and less. I wonder how much of her “quest” to help Jessica has really just been about getting a story and helping her career. On the other hand, I don’t know if we’re supposed to be feeling this negative toward Trish at this point in the season either, as she has fallen into her addiction once more, and this could be how it manifests, bringing out the worst in her ambitions. I’m hoping we’ll find out more and she will be redeemed as the season continues.

Check back here soon for a review of the next 3 episodes!