the crow

This is turning out to be a banner year for Sony Pictures. Or at least, it is for the beleaguered studio’s long-gestating projects. Not only is ‘Venom‘ finally seeing the light of day this October (after spending north of a decade in development hell), but another comic book project is likewise getting ready to emerge from limbo

Yes, I’m talking about ‘The Crow’ (as those of you who read the title have no doubt figured out). Less a remake of Alex Proyas’ 1994 cult classic than a re-adaptation of James O’Barr’s comic of the same name, Sony has been trying to get this project off the ground since at least 2008, during which time a succession of directors that includes Stephen Norrington and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (best known for ‘Blade’ and ’28 Weeks Later’, respectively) were involved with the film prior to current helmer Corin Hardy coming aboard. Likewise, it has progressed through a list of leading men that includes everyone from Mark Wahlberg to Nicholas Hoult before finally settling on the current star, Jason Momoa.

Unlike the original film – a stylized gothic masterpiece that gained infamy in the wider culture due to the on-set death of star Brandon Lee due to a tragic series of weapon handling mishaps – this project has been described over the years as a grittier affair that various directors and even O’Barr himself have suggested will draw more inspiration from the comic book than from the Proyas film. In any case, this film has been a long time coming, and despite the current Hardy/Momoa iteration suffering a number of delays in part due to changing distributors, it finally has a release date. Yes, if all goes to plan ‘The Crow’ (referred to in some sources as ‘The Crow Reborn’) will be in theaters on October 11, 2019!

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