Last summer we heard rumors that an ‘Aquaman’ action figure being developed for Jason Momoa‘s take on the character had him in his classic outfit and a new rumor seems to be doubling down on information. No one was ever sure if the action figure was actually a fan-made one or not, but now it sounds like it could be real!

This was the image at the toy which hinted we’d see the current look pop up in the film:

There was never any real follow up on this or proof that it would be a toy and not just a fan-made creation. However, a source for The Aquaman Shrine is claiming that we’ll see the modern costume used!


Now, this doesn’t say a DC costume for Halloween but specifically one for the ‘Aquaman’ movie. Confusion on the costume could change the reasoning here or this costume might be part of Momoa’s more royal look that he’ll have to acknowledge over the course of the plot. So little is known about the movie at this time that it could go either way. I suspect that if he does wear the costume that it won’t be until closer to the final fight scene or end of the movie before we see it.

Would you be thrilled to see Jason Momoa don the orange and green ‘Aquaman’ costume which is currently used in the comics? Do you think this will happen or is it still a bit too vague to put any faith in? Share your thoughts below!

‘Aquaman’ will swim into theaters on December 21st, 2018!

Sources: Aquaman Shrine, Batman News