peter dinklage game of thrones

Everyone’s favorite Lannister has taken a moment to share what he feels about the finale for ‘Game of Thrones.’ While Peter Dinklage doesn’t share any spoilers of what is coming, he does say that the final episode will be “heartbreaking.” With a television series that ended the first season by killing off Ned Stark and that gave us the Red Wedding, this isn’t too much of a surprise. George R.R. Martin is fully in love with the idea that an author should “kill your darlings” and has no qualms with playing fast and loose with reader’s, and viewer’s, emotions by offing the characters who we have come to know and love.

Before he gets into the last episode, Dinklage says of those who love the series:

“Fans are a great resource for material. They know more about it than I do almost. But it’s fun to see them speculate, especially early on when we’re just getting started. It’s great, it means everybody’s really engaged in the show.”

We are too!

However, as for reading the series last episodes:

“It was heartbreaking. And the end of an era.”

That isn’t to say he thinks that ending the show is a bad idea:

“Storywise, not just for all our lives – it’s the perfect time to end it. Sometimes shows stay on a little too long, the jumping-the-shark thing. It’s bittersweet when it’s time to move on with everything.”

Fans of the franchise will have a slew of potential spinoffs to still spend time in Westeros, but Winter is Coming to our fandom as we prepare for the final season of HBO’s smash hit – which won’t air until next year.

Are you worried as to what we’ll see from ‘Game of Thrones’ with a “heartbreaking” ending? Could they even still find a way to shock us with how many theories are out there and how much the show loves to kill off the cast? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Digital Spy