We’ve all known that ‘The Mighty Thor‘ was hammering her way towards “The Death of the Mighty Thor” and have just learned that Jason Aaron has planned this for years! We’ve seen Mangog not only come back after his last defeat years ago but has already taken out The War Thor and now has his sights set on destroying Asgardia once and for all. Jane Foster has recently collapsed and is finally getting the treatment she needs which could potentially save her life, but can Thor really put down her hammer for even a moment to allow this to happen when Mangog is set to destroy everything let alone leave Malekith the Accursed to continue his “War of the Realms”?

Unlikely. However, Aaron has been playing the long game with this one and Mangog was the end game all along. According to the writer:

“I’ve known for years that the Mangog was coming. I always had plans to use him from the get-go and, if you go back over the course of my whole run, you’ll see references and teases to the Mangog going back several years. I’ve always known we were building towards that and I’ve known from the beginning of the Jane Foster Thor story that her story was building towards this very specific moment.”

For a character who hasn’t featured prominently in ‘Thor’ for years, one might wonder what his inspiration was for bringing the killer of Gods to the forefront of the comic. The reason was is that Aaron “wasn’t a huge THOR fan at first.” The inspiration for this entire run was laid back after reading the “first Lee and Kirby issues from the very beginning” and it ended being that “the Mangog was one of the first things to jump out to me.”

As to what he wanted to do with bringing Mangog out in the open again:

“I think the job is that, no matter the character, you don’t ever want to go into it and just preach to the choir, assuming everybody already knows why this character is cool. You want to show why this character is different from any other character in the Marvel Universe; what makes their adventures so unusual and exciting. I do try to keep that up in every new issue.”

While ‘The Mighty Thor’ has been all about Jane, Odinson has been involved off and on throughout the course of the book. Jane is his ex-love, Mjolnir is his ex-hammer, he is still unworthy to be Thor. How does that all come into play?

“Well, he’s got a very conflicted relationship with the hammer and that idea of worthiness. But as far as his relationship with Jane goes, I think he’s just worried about his friend. Regaining that hammer isn’t even part of that equation right now—he just wants to try to save her life.

The thought about the Thor identity is definitely one of the questions going into this story. I would say most all of them will be answered by the end of it. Maybe not all of them, but a lot of them…just perhaps not in the way that you’d expect.”

It is still a mystery as to if “The Death of the Mighty Thor” will bring us closure on Jane, Odinson, or the central identity of “Thor” in general and sending the book into new territory once again.

Are you looking forward to seeing how “The Death of The Mighty Thor” plays out? Do you think that Jane Foster will somehow survive the experience? Do you think Jane will stay Thor after this, will it revert to Odinson, someone entirely new, or will the mantle be lost for the foreseeable future? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Marvel