We all know that Sony is making a non-Spider-Man cinematic universe based around all of his supporting cast and we might have the first look at what is going to end up as ‘Venom‘ on the big screen. Now, as a warning, this hasn’t been confirmed as being part of the series, but a few key points make it seem to be the case. In it, we know that Tom Hardy is going to be playing Eddie Brock and have seen some behind-the-scenes shots of him on set but still haven’t had an idea of what he might end up looking like when bonded to the symbiote.

The possibly early view of the character comes from a creative artist named Mikkel Frandsen. He recently updated his website to include a sculpture design of the Venom symbiote. At this point you could easily chalk this up at Frandsen is just a fan of the character who wanted to make a work of art on one of Spidey’s most iconic villains. However, his resume is also updated to include an unannounced project for 2018 which could very well mean that he is attached to a specific Sony project which is filming now and will be heavy into post-production through 2018.

So, again these designs aren’t confirmed yet, but there is a good chance that this will be the base of our anti-hero:

Without color, this could also end up being one of the other symbiotes rumored to be in the film, but no matter how you look at it, this is leaps and bounds above what we were given in ‘Spider-Man 3’.

Do you think that this is what ‘Venom’ will end up looking like when the film is released on October 5th, 2018? Are you excited for a darker take on the character or can’t imagine this cinematic Spidey-verse which won’t include the Wallcrawler? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: The Marvel Report