With the trailer dropping for ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘ we’ve all been dying for more details to the movie and Josh Brolin who plays Thanos has shared a fun little letter to his mother, while in character. The initial joke here is that Brolin will be home once he destroys something, likely either Earth or the Galaxy, though there is a more subtle joke to be found here as well.

Assuming the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thanos has the same origin as the comic book version then he’s got a complicated history with his mother. I’m not sure if Brolin did this out of humor or to get us geek’s jumping up and down that Thanos’s mother isn’t around these days but either way it’s fun. Before we get into that history though – You can check out the letter below!

As to why those of us who are familiar with the history of Thanos we know that a complicated history doesn’t do this mother/son relationship justice. His mother, Sui-San, actually ended up trying to kill him shortly after his birth. She had the power to sense how people actually were and could tell that her son was pure evil.

Obviously, the attempt on his life didn’t end up working out and Thanos eventually ends up killing his mother. Only, it gets worse! His race are those of the Eternals who live on Titan. Thanos suffers from Deviant Syndrome and in order to try and find out why he has this disorder which has helped give him such power he decides to not only kill his mother but dissect her as well.

It isn’t clear if the cinematic version will have such a complicated history but as we know that Thanos appears to be feared throughout the Galaxy already that he isn’t just powerful but has a reputation for merciless acts.

Are you looking forward to Thanos finally making a real appearance on the big screen? Were you amused by his letter to his mom? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Josh Brolin’s Instagram