steppenwolf justice league

WARNING: Slight spoilers lie ahead for a few general plot points of the ‘Justice League’ film.  If you wish to avoid having any information at all told to you before seeing the film, then the time to stop reading is now!

With ‘Justice League‘ set to open in US theaters this weekend, now is the time for fans to bulk up their knowledge about what they can expect to see.  Of course, fans are readily familiar with Batman and Wonder Woman, and to varying lesser degrees with Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman, plus any other heroes that may or may not be returning from the dead for the movie… but how much do you know about the film’s villain, Steppenwolf?

Other than having a pretty bad-ass name, some may not know much at all about the big bad – so allow Ciaran Hinds, who provides the voice work for Steppenwolf in the film, to educate you, via a recent interview:

“I guess you’d call him a super-villain. He hails from the planet of Apokolips and he is the general of the Apokoliptian army who has come to take the world. For thousands of years he’s been in search of the Mother Boxes, which are all-powerful entities.


“He’s in search of all-power, and that’s his journey. His powers are physical rather than any form of mental agility. His real powers are wielded through his extraordinary axe weapon. When he chooses to use it, it creates mayhem and it decimated everything around it. He is not a fearful man at all, because he believes he can handle anything.  He wishes to create fear – not just that people should be afraid of him, but I think he gets pleasure out of it. If you come from the planet Apokolips, we’re all super beings – so super-heroes are nothing.”

Sounds pretty okay so far, yeah?  Hinds also took a moment to speak about the aforementioned Mother Boxes, along with Steppenwolf’s preferred mode of transportation that are often used in the comics, the Boom Tubes:

“There’s one under the sea with the Atlanteans, there’s one in the hands of the Amazons, and one with mankind. They don’t even know what’s inside of it, they just know it’s protected and must never get out of their hands.


“[The Boom Tube is] like a transporter, or a super shuttle that goes between universes. It transports people quickly from another place and places them in a certain location.”

Sounds like Steppenwolf might use those Boom Tubes to go on a Magic Carpet Ride, am I right?  He’s such a bad dude – you might even say he was Born to Be Wild, yeah?  Okay, I’ll stop now (kids, ask your parents if you’re confused).

‘Justice League’ opens in American theaters on November 17, 2017.