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SPOILER ALERT: If you are not caught up on ‘Supernatural’, this article contains SPOILERS for the Season 12 finale and upcoming events of Season 13.  Consider yourself warned!

For the past few seasons, ‘Supernatural’ has been a four-man show, with the Winchester brothers sharing exploits with frenemy Crowley and loyal angel Castiel.  But by the end of Season 12, the show was back to basics.  Dean and Sam were once more on their own and fans were devastated.  But considering that Cas has already died… like… a few times, it seems that the creators weren’t too concerned about admitting that Misha Collins would be back soon.  Now we know exactly when and rest assured, the wait won’t be very long.

Castiel will appear next in S13‘s third episode, on October 26th.  (The first episode aired this past Thursday.)  ‘Supernatural’ showrunners Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb, as well as Collins himself teased what to expect.  Singer says that when viewers next spy him, Cas will literally be in a “very, very dark place”– not Earth, Heaven, Hell or Purgatory.  Dabb elaborated “It’s a place we’ll be seeing for the first time through his eyes,” implying that this may not necessarily be a brand new locale but one that has appeared before, but that viewers will experience differently from his perspective.  But don’t expect a dark, creepy dimension.  As Collins explained, “I really think that this is potentially the most boring place in the universe.”  That doesn’t sound like it would make for very interesting TV-watching.  So it sounds as though this will just be a brief situation.

“[Cas is] really preoccupied with the notion of getting back to the boys and Jack,” says Collins.  (Well, of course.  Dean needs him, after all.)  It seems that the big reunion won’t be between Cas and Dean and Sam… but Lucifer’s son Jack.  “There is a bond.  Cas does really see himself as guardian to this kid.”

How will the newly returned Cas be different?  Collins said, “The idea is that it’s a hard reset on Cas.  He remembers right up until the moment that he was killed, but he’s infused with a little bit of the old Cas. He’s back to full power.”

Are you happy that Castiel will be back so soon?  Or would you rather see how the brothers do without him for a while?

Source: Entertainment Weekly