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While the cinematic take on ‘The Dark Tower’ may have been a flop and we’re not sure how the television series stands, it sounds like Stephen King might be taking pen to paper for one last outing with Roland Deschain! Now, before you get too excited this won’t be a continuation from how he left off the series but likely take place part way into the story. While 2004 gave us the end of the ‘The Dark Tower’ series, fans have already seen one prequel titled ‘The Wind Through the Keyhole’ that helped fill in the story and now he may be doing another.

Recently during a Q&A, a fan asked if King would ever write another ‘Dark Tower’ story where King responded with “Yes, I think that might happen.” The fan actually asked if he might do “The Battle of Jericho” which is a focal point of Roland’s past that hasn’t been explored in novel form. However, the Marvel Comic versions of the tale have elaborated on it.

Here is a video of the fan asking:


While the ‘Dark Tower’ movie was a form of a sequel to the books, it is doubtful that anyone would feel that the closure at the end is actually how things will be left off. Between many fans not enjoying the movie or even seeing it, we could easily see another ending down the line. If that is in the upcoming television series, another movie or a new book would still remain to be seen.

Now, he did say that he thinks it will happen and not that it is. I wouldn’t hold my breath for it but with King’s ability to crank out material, an 800-page Roland-centric novel might be something he could tackle in an afternoon.

Are you happy to hear that we might get another story by King set in ‘The Dark Tower’ universe? Would you prefer him to further elaborate on Roland’s past or push forward with something new? Share your thoughts below!

Source: io9