Marvel and Netflix have finally released a full trailer for ‘The Punisher,’ and after an initial quiet moment or two of our anti-hero with his family in the days before he became a vigilante, it finally shows off what fans really want to see from this series: action, violence and a truly bad-ass Frank Castle.

This trailer gives us more insight into the tone and direction of the show than anything that has come before, being highly stylized and set to the beat of Metallica’s ‘One,’ and really letting us see Jon Bernthal in action as the character the fans came to love and demand to see more of after his appearance in ‘Daredevil’ Season 2. The trailer also showed us a lot more of the supporting cast in action, giving us a few shots of Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page making it seem like her role will be even bigger than originally thought, while also giving us glimpses of Paul Schulze as William Rawlins, a quick look at Ben Barnes as Jigsaw, multiple shots of Castle’s ally Micro, and even Stephen Rider returning to the MCU as district attorney Blake Tower.

Once again though, the trailer ends with a cryptic release date card at the end, only letting us know that it is still indeed coming out in 2017, but not letting us know the day or month (though I could have sworn I thought I saw November 14th in there, but I went back and rewatched that part around 4 more times and I could never see a date again in the flickering image, so it might have just been my eyes playing tricks on me). Whatever the scheme is here for not giving us the release date, I certainly hope it pays off for Marvel and Netflix, as it seems like an interesting idea to keep fans guessing, but could be frustrating if it is being done for no good reason.

Check out the new trailer for yourself below, and make sure to share your impressions and thoughts of the trailer and ‘The Punisher’ series in the comments section below that!