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The pilot episode for ‘Locke & Key‘ has come a little closer to becoming a reality as Nate Corddry (The Circle’,’United States of Tara’) has joined the cast as Duncan Locke! This series was penned by Joe Hill, the son of Stephen King with art by the amazingly talented Gabriel Rodriguez. The series is set to be 1-hour episodes and pilot will be directed by Andrés Muschietti who just did pure justice to Hill’s father’s iconic horror novel ‘It’. The cast is really tightening up and it won’t be much longer until we see it all come together.

For those who haven’t followed the comic, it follows three siblings who move back home to Maine after their father is brutally murdered. Their household was hiding secrets right in front of their eyes and now they’re all starting to come together. When they move home, their mother Nina Locke who is played by Frances O’Connor (‘The Conjuring 2’) is waiting for them.

Duncan Locke is the uncle of the three children and is also vital to the story. He and his boyfriend Brian Rogers try to both help everyone settle into their family home and help deal with the pain of losing their father. He is also a little familiar with the secrets which the family will be starting to uncover as after settling in, they learn that there are magical keys in the house which give them each different powers. Oh, there’s also a demon and other entities that the family will need to go up against so they’ve got that going for them.

The comics had a lengthy run and this could easily be adapted into a multi-season series if the cast and crew are able to do the source material justice.

Are you happy to hear that another key member of the cast has signed on for ‘Locke & Key’? Do you feel that Corddry will make a good Duncan? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline