Before the news that JJ Abrams is now directing ‘Star Wars: Episode IX‘ could be thought of as old, we’ve learned that Chris Terrio (‘Justice League’,’Argo’) has just been tapped to co-write the film. While Colin Trevorrow was originally both writing and directing the next installment of the film, we had learned last month that Jack Thorne (‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’) was brought on for rewrites and it sounds like he has also departed from the franchise. It is unclear at this time if his departure was due to his re-writes of what Trevorrow laid down, another case of not being able to work with LucasFilm, or other responsibilities which took Thorne away from the project.

chris terrio
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While it isn’t a surprise that Abrams would want re-writes done on the script, it might be unnerving for some that anyone involved in the DC Extended Universe outside of Patty Jenkins would be involved in the process. Let’s be honest, outside of ‘Wonder Woman’ DC’s track record has been less than stellar at this point. Still, Terrio’s work on ‘Argo’ was an undeniable hit and we haven’t actually seen what he helped craft with ‘Justice League’ quite yet and won’t until it premieres this coming December. Of course, Joss Whedon did make some changes to that script so it will be hard to say how much is Terrio’s work and how much is Whedon’s.

Abrams previously shared penning the script for ‘The Force Awakens’ with Lawrence Kasdan so the director should be up to this relationship and hopefully, Terrio is as well.

Do you feel that Terrio is a good choice for working on the endcap of this ‘Star Wars’ trilogy? Was Thorne let go for being too attached to Trevorrow’s work when the director was fired or could this be another instance of not being able to work with LucasFilm? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Lucasfilm