With ‘Inhumans‘ long planned to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Vin Diesel potentially in the lead playing Black Bolt, it seemed like things went south when it ended up being an ABC series. So what happened? Rumors were running rampant that it was anything from Marvel being petty with their rumored differences with Marvel Studios to the film just falling apart. However, it seemed that the reasons ended up being quite a bit simpler.

Even though Kevin Feige always talked up the potential of these characters for a big screen debut, ‘Inhumans’ ended up on the small screen for one very straightforward reason: the timing made perfect sense. While at the Red Carpet premiere for the series, Jeph Loeb shared the following:

“Well, as you know Marvel is one big giant company, and this was a property that was in movie division, and when they looked at their schedule and realized what they wanted to be doing, [Inhumans] was something that was gonna push very far out. So we started having a conversation with them about, “well, maybe this is something that would work as a television series.” And that worked out really well.”

We’ve never seen this as a priority for Marvel Studios, and while the film wasn’t being pushed back, it was always far enough out without any casting announcements that it almost appeared to be in limbo. However, as Feige and James Gunn (‘Guardians of the Galaxy’) have been working out ideas to setup the foundation for the next decade of stories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is quite clear that this one just fell to the wayside.

While a television series would be much better for exploring the complex nuances of Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ there have been mixed reviews for the pilot episodes. I quite enjoyed seeing them on IMAX, but the results from fans have been all across the board. It seems unlikely to know if this series will end up continuing past a single season until it premieres to the full television audience.

Are you satisfied as to why Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ switched formats? Do you think the television series will be a better spot for the Inhuman Royal Family or was this a wasted opportunity? Share your thoughts below True Believers!