IT prank

It is unclear if a prankster will float away from any trouble for an ‘It‘ inspired prank that was recently committed in Lilitz, Pennsylvania! The police department isn’t thrilled about someone who decided to tie red balloons to a pair of sewer grates in the town. With Stephen King’s ‘It’ premiering this week, the iconic look is pretty obvious as to what was being celebrated as the red balloons are clearly Pennywise‘s calling card.

Everyone appears to be enjoying the reference, even those who had to clean up after it.

The police department took to Facebook to share the prank and while they seemed to enjoy it they jokingly said that they were also “completely terrified” and addressed the prankster adding that they “respectfully request they do not do that again.” With the movie already out, I doubt there is any reason to do more promotional work in the prankster’s mind, especially after the widespread results that it has already received! Here is what they had to say:

After this started to become widespread, the department knew that they would have to further investigate the crime and vow that the perpetrator wouldn’t get away. Thankfully, they seem to have the right detective on the case:

While I can see how such homemade advertising might be annoying for the police, I’m so glad that Lilitz has such a great sense of humor. This is probably one of the best responses I have ever seen for a prank. While the first post was already amusing, the follow up was classic. A bit cheesy but fitting for how everything ended up playing out. Thanks for protecting and serving the populace from demonic killer clowns, and doing so with a smile!

Are you glad that the Lilitz Police Department was able to deal with this “problem” in such a carefree manner or are they perhaps working with Pennywise to lower the city’s guard?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter