twin peaks

Showtime’s ‘Twin Peaks‘ revival has come and gone and after that 25-year wait, we’ve learned a lot but still have quite a few questions. Unfortunately, right now it doesn’t look as if any more might be answered. While that isn’t to say Showtime won’t be bringing David Lynch and Mark Frost back for another go at the series it is something that I wouldn’t expect to see happen anytime near soon.

The bad news comes directly from Agent Cooper himself, Kyle MacLachlan, who was asked about it recently and shared the bad news:

“Well, I know for a fact there are no discussions for more Twin Peaks. That’s where that is.”

With the tease of Laura Palmer at the closure of the revival season, you would almost expect a follow-up film or series was in the works. MacLachlan himself is “still processing” the last couple of episodes and likely doesn’t want to close the series with how things were left but that also seems to be something Lynch could quite happily walk away from continuing, leaving us all wanting more.

When talking about working with Lynch it seems that he fully trusts the director on whatever future may or may not happen for his character as:

“When I first started working with David, I had a lot of questions (laughs), but over the years I learned that as long as I have an idea of what I am doing, that’s all I need. If it’s off, David will tell me, but more often than not I’m pretty close. There’s an amazing symbiotic relationship that David and I have where ideas flow back and forth and I seem to interpret them. There’s not a lot of explaining. I just intuitively know what he needs and what’s coming.”

I’m hoping what Lynch need will be to tell us even more of the story of ‘Twin Peaks’ though I honestly wouldn’t bet on it happening.

Are you annoyed that we might never get a full conclusion to ‘Twin Peaks’? Do you think the ending gave us enough to go off of? Is this truly the end of the series? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline