walking dead

If you didn’t think that the war between Rick’s army and The Saviours was violent enough then there is no reason to worry as there will be “lots of killing” in the upcoming eighth season of ‘The Walking Dead‘. AMC’s smash hit is still trudging forward, and even though ratings aren’t what they quite were, that explosive finale will surely have people coming back for more. This time I suspect audiences will be a bit happier than that fade to black from when Negan was swinging his bat that had everyone in an uproar – and not in a good way.

With the lack of action through most of the season being a common complaint, it would appear that showrunners might have finally been listening.

The news comes directly from Chandler “Get In The House Carl” Riggs who was recently talking about how brutal the show is going to be. With Alexandria, The Kingdom, and The Hilltop all set to work together against the Saviors and the Garbage People things should be ramping up rather quickly as we already almost witnessed everything fall apart before a formal alliance could even begin.

According to Riggs in a recent interview, fans can expect this when the “All Out War” story arc kicks off in the eighth season:

“Season 7 was all about building up and getting everyone ready to fight against Negan, and this season there’s going to be lots of explosions, lots of killing, a lot more Negan. Yeah, lots of fighting, lots of cool stuff…We’ve had a few characters this season who I feel so bad for because they’re coming in in the midst of all the war and the craziness with the explosions and everything.”

I’m glad to see that the showrunners were paying attention. As long as they don’t bookend the season with action and have a ton of filler in between, this could be exactly what the show needs to get ratings and fans back on board.

One interesting point, though, is that Rick was supposed to go back to being the full lead this season with less of a focus on Negan. With the “a lot more Negan” comment above it almost makes you wonder if the rumored time jump will happen and that we’ll be seeing more of Negan at the offset but less after things calm down.

Are you looking forward to the return of ‘The Walking Dead’? Will an increase in action let you forgive how slow much of the past couple of seasons have been if they can keep it up going forward? Share your thoughts below!

‘The Walking Dead’ returns to infect AMC for an eighth season on October 22nd, 2017!