Terminator 2: Judgement Day‘ launched in a new hi-def 3D experience over the weekend though that doesn’t appear to be the last time James Cameron will be involved with the franchise. With the rights reverting back to him after the flop that was ‘Terminator Genisys’ we knew that a new take was being planned, but it was unclear at the time exactly how involved this legendary filmmaker would be with the reboot.

Also unclear is if it will end up as a trilogy as the filmmaker originally seemed interested in doing.

It sounds like his talks with producer David Ellison are not only going quite well but showing that Cameron has an interest in the legacy of the franchise as according to the famed director:

“I would say, at this point, it’s looking very likely. We’re starting to get the pieces pulled together, and we’ll probably have something to say on that fairly soon.”

It is unclear as to if he would be helping write, direct, or just produce the new films at this time. The franchise has now officially had more misses than hits but the first two installments were memorable in a good way, and those are the two which Cameron had a hand in creating.

That being said, we do know he has a slew of ‘Avatar’ sequels to set up and is also producing ‘Battle Angel Alita‘ so it is unclear as to how much time and when exactly he could be involved in this one. With ‘Avatar’ Cameron is showing that he likes franchises though and you have to wonder if this will, in fact, be a new trilogy?

“I like trilogies, but I’m not going to comment on that right now. It all depends on whether the first one makes money.”

It isn’t often that a director so openly states that point. The up side though is that it could mean that we won’t have an open-ended movie which if it flops wouldn’t see a sequel. As to if Arnold Schwarzenegger will be attached? According to Cameron: “Well, that would be up to him” which is interesting as the actor has previously stated that filming would begin this coming March and they were waiting to see what Cameron’s schedule looked like.

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