dwayne johnson black adam shazam

For fans of the DCEU, it has been a rough ride since the days when they announced all of the extended films of the franchise, and we have been very lucky recently to have ‘Wonder Woman‘ come along and stem a lot of our fears for the future, and bring hope that Warner Bros can actually pull off a decent film (and let us know that a lot of the issues may indeed stem from one creative voice/ director, who luckily enough, seems to have taken a step back from the franchise).

One project in the DCEU that has long been planned and has a lot of fans excited is one where Dwayne Johnson is playing famed DC villain Black Adam. The original plan was supposedly to have Johnson co-star in the ‘Shazam’ movie originally slated to come out in 2019 produced by Warner Bros and New Line, which would be followed by a sequel film that would focus more on Johnson’s character. However, new intel suggests that the plan has indeed changed, not only with release dates (‘Shazam’ apparently is now penciled in for a 2020 release), but somehow it seems ‘Shazam’ is going to proceed without Dwayne Johnson at all, at least according to a Twitter conversation between The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzales and Variety’s Justin Kroll, which you can check out below:

According to Gonzales, it seems that when they tapped David F. Sandberg to direct ‘Shazam,’ Gonzales was specifically told to “take off Dwayne in the report,” which most likely means someone knows that Johnson is no longer part of that movie. Which will be odd, because Black Adam was the perfect antagonist for the ‘Shazam’ movie, and it is unclear which villain they would use to replace him at this point, unless the new powers-that-be for the DCEU have a longer term plan in motion.

It is doubtful we’ll get any new ‘Shazam’ information from San Diego Comic Con this week as the DC/Warner Bros panel will most likely focus on ‘Justice League’ and ‘Aquaman,’ but rest assured, if any new information comes to light, we will report it here!