Jenna Coleman Clara Oswald Doctor Who

The ending tease from the tenth season finale of ‘Doctor Who’ has already confirmed that we’ll be seeing a big return in this year’s Christmas special, in the form of the First Doctor. But as we’ve previously reported, his may not be the only familiar face that pops up this holiday season.

Citing an anonymous source, the Mirror is claiming that Jenna Coleman will be reprising her role as Clara Oswald for what is being described as a “mini-comeback” in the special. In addition to Coleman, the tabloid’s source also tells us to expect return appearances by Pearl Mackie and Matt Lucas as Bill and Nardole respectively, despite their apparent departures in ‘The Doctor Falls’. They further note that the form those appearances will take remains unclear. While Coleman is supposedly filming all-new material, Mackie and Lucas may only appear in the form of archive footage.

Of course, given the anonymity of the source and the fact that this is the Mirror, it goes without saying that we should take this all with a grain of salt. But supposing that Clara does appear in the special, there are any number of forms her return could take. The most obvious is an appearance by Clara herself, last seen travelling alongside Maisie Williams’ immortal Me in a TARDIS “disguised” as an American diner. Other possibilities include the appearance of one of the “splinter Claras” that were scattered throughout the Doctor’s personal timeline following the events of ‘The Name of the Doctor’ or an illusory appearance similar to that made by the long departed Amy Pond during the Eleventh Doctor’s regeneration scene.

In what has become a modern holiday tradition, ‘Doctor Who’ will return on Christmas day. In addition to featuring David Bradley as the First Doctor, the special will see current star Peter Capaldi bid farewell to the program while longtime showrunner Steven Moffat passes the baton to his successor, Chris Chibnall.

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