law-of-perdition-featured-thumbIf you like ghost stories and police procedurals then you’ll want to check out Amazon’s latest series ‘Law of Perdition.’ The 9 episode streaming series is being described as ‘Chicago PD’ and ‘Law & Order’ mixed in with ‘Ghost Whisperer’ and the ‘Twilight Zone.’

It is an interesting premise to be sure as we follow detectives on cold cases who suddenly receive help in the form of ghosts who are pointing the police in the right direction as to how to resolve these unsolved murders.

The show was put together by SGL Entertainment and Potent Media as an Amazon TV Exclusive and is written and directed by Christian Grillo and Carmela Hayslett. Also behind the scenes, we will see the series produced by Christian Grillo, Carmela Hayslett, David Gechman and John Martineau. The first season stars: Andrew Hunsicker, Michael Everett Johnson, Evangeline Young, Carmela Hayslett, Chuck Maher, Daniel Plaza, Marti Keegan, B.O. Rand, Daquan Wright, Lilly Cassimore, Aaralyn Anderson, Joe Polito, Hannah Amacker, and John Martineau.

You can check out the official trailer below:

If that isn’t a good enough look for you, we also have a slew of images from the show:










Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Law of Perdition’? Is a haunted police procedural something that will be worth checking out? Share your thoughts below!

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